Last Dance

by Caryl Archer

Final song, the lights come on And I just missed my only chance to dance with you It isn’t in my way to try To rearrange the circumstance to be with you I know that you’ll be leaving soon And I can barely stand with you in the same room I’ll tell myself I need some time And watch the final minutes as they pass me by Why should it be So hard to breathe? It’s only you, it’s only you, my dear Look into me! Each time we meet It’s always mine, it’s always my idea My head is full of fire alarms My doubts are what I’m finding hardest to believe I gesture with my open arms But you misunderstand me as you turn to leave I guess it’s now or never, dear Before the moment disappears My body overcome with fear My mind, at last, begins to clear I’m reaching out my hands to you I ask if I could dance with you The smile that greets my eyes Is all I needed
I love you, I love you But I am afraid of you Hard to explain That’s why I shy away from you Mhmm That’s why I shy away from you You understand me But only when I’m making sense I wanna please you But it’s easy to assume the worst And now it hurts to touch you I’ve cried far too much to You found me and claimed me So I ran away with you Your patience, my distance I know I put a strain on you Mhmm Let me take all that away from you Want you to understand me Even when I’m not making sense Want me to please you But it easy to assume I won’t come through And I’ll let you down Won’t let you down
Immersive interactions Provoking palpitations (Talons pierce ventricles Heart’s chambers compromised) Return reverberations Escaping explanation (Panic room centrepiece Love’s longings televised) You underestimate The power in your grip A simple touch for you My anxiety trip I overanalyse No meaning in the breaks Nor willing in the wake Of epicentre quakes Star-splendid sound splits the atmosphere Jubilant and terrifying Dazzling fragments Dancing, frantic Exuberant, electrifying Deep breath fires the intellect The fuel consumed too soon And bitter, littered silence fills the vacuum to resume Deep breath fires the intellect The fuel consumed too soon And bitter, littered silence fills the vacuum to resume


released May 31, 2018


all rights reserved



Caryl Archer UK

Singer songwriter; happily flitting between genres; pop, rock and electronica.

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