If That Isn't Love

by Caryl Archer

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released February 14, 2018

Written, recorded and produced by Caryl Archer.

Remixes by Muggs Majandhra and Kimmo Matias

Artwork by VFXFREEK. Edit and typography by Caryl Archer.


all rights reserved



Caryl Archer UK

Singer songwriter; happily flitting between genres; pop, rock and electronica.

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Track Name: If That Isn't Love
I stayed with you
On the line
Until you were asleep
I prayed for you
Every time
You felt the darkness creep
If that isn't love
Would you tell me what is?
If that isn't love
What more can I give to you?

I talked with you
Every night
I had a moment spare
I walked with you
Until we reached
The outskirts of despair
If that isn't love
Won't you tell me what is?
If that isn't love
There's more I can give to you
And I want to
I want to

Let yourself be loved
She'll appear to take my place
When the moment comes
Don't hold back, adore, embrace
Let yourself be loved
She'll be so much more than me
When the moment comes
Give yourself entirely

I tried so hard
And fought so long
To be the one you need
You waste your time
Indulging me
I want you to succeed

If that isn't love
Then it's more than I have
If that isn't love
You need something more than that
And I know that

If that isn't love...
Track Name: Don't Wanna Be Touched
I don’t wanna be touched
I can tell you all my secrets
But please don’t touch me
If you wanna know my dreams
You can see
But I don’t wanna be
Maybe ever again

I don’t wanna be touched
If all you want is information
I’ll provide it freely
If you need communication
I can talk
But I don’t wanna be
Maybe never again

I don’t wanna be known
I don’t wanna be pursued
All my insides perused
And then used up again
I don’t wanna go backwards; the mishaps, relapses
All my enemies exhumed
An uprooting of what’s bloomed
And recovered
To make room for you as a lover
(If it’s all the same to you)

Words are never enough
You can gimme all your reasons
But they still won’t reach me
And explain to me at length
You’re the exception and you’re worthy
A little nerve with you there?
You say I’m being unfair
But why should I care
I don’t care
I don’t care

(If it’s all the same to you)
I don’t think I’ll bother

And now
you feel you’ve earned your access to my soul
You’ve theorised your love can make me whole
Oh! No…
I’ll only show you a shell
Though I’m presenting it well
So you’d never tell
There’s no alarm bell

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