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All The Way To Yesterday

by Caryl Archer

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released May 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Caryl Archer UK

Singer songwriter; happily flitting between genres; pop, rock and electronica.

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Track Name: All The Way To Yesterday
Feel the vibrations
They don't know what they mean to me

I hear them knocking on my door
So should I take them on the tour?
Can't hide it anymore

All the way to yesterday is gone
I can't go back down the way I've come
I'm so terrified I can't be wrong
I've got nothing left to fall back on
Except you

Trust your instincts
Easier said than done

I've finished doing it their way
My intuition's here to stay
Releasing me to say

Except you, except you
Why can't I just accept you
Except you, except you
So can I expect you?
Track Name: Stitches & Tangles (Video Version)
I walk to the edges of my garden
I go to the boundaries of my kingdom
And I stare at the corners of my prison
It won’t be long, no it won’t be long

I stretch out to touch the motar and rubble
I’m testing the strength of my little bubble
But I’m resting my plans until I am able
To make a break
Make my escape

I’m gonna follow you wherever you take me
‘Cause I am in love with you and you won’t forsake me
I’m gonna run with you as far as horizons that burn
Oh, they burn…

I tug at the ribbons round my ankles
As I pull at the stitches and the tangles
I’ll slip my way out of these dainty shackles
You’re letting me
Setting me free
Track Name: Arrows & Flames
I can’t sleep, so I’ll strum into the night
There’s no point lying down
If I have to fight
There are wars in my head
There are swords in my bed

I see arrows and flames when I close my eyes
And each aim finds its mark
Leaves me paralysed
There’s a poisonous dart
Driven into my heart

I guess something is busy
Something is busy making plans against me
I know you are faithful
So if I hold fast, will you be faithful to me?

It hurts to sing
When everything is against you
Is against you doing something good
I know I should
Expect this kind of thing
But it still
Hurts to sing
When everything is against you
To prevent you
Doing something right
How do I fight
The arrows and the flames
That come my way..?

I’d compress what I’m blessed with
and won’t call mine
But it’s woven so deeply
in my design
If I keep it at bay
I would wither and fade

I guess something is busy
Something is busy pointing fingers at me
I need your protection
Sweet vindication
Judged and found ‘not guilty’
Track Name: Naive & Invincible
Everyone's a critic
And everyone's an expert these days
So why do I permit it
If staying silent wastes me away

It feels so strange to have changed
To such a degree
That I don't recognise me
Year after year facing fear
And singing anyway
What happened to those days?
When I was

Naive and invincible
I had a message for this world
I had a land to conquer
And I turned it upside down
These hands were made
For making more
And I would always say
What I don't know can't hurt me

Every girl is pretty
And sings so sweetly
With her guitar
So what's the hope for me
If strumming chords
Don't get you that far?

Tried to give you something new
To satiate your claims
That my intentions were the same
Now I am through with this ruse
I'll do it my own way
Returning to those days
When I was
Track Name: September Again (Decade Remix)
And the air is charged with the chill of change
I turn from
Crossed out words to an empty page
Tide’s turning
Rising up to meet the shore
So I won’t linger any more

I’m leaving
These thing behind for a greater cause, I’ve
I’m gonna do what I was put here for
Your daughter
Is gonna hold your hand so tight
This time it’s your will over mine.

Time for change
I know I’m holding the hand that turns the tides.
Hold me close
And through all the tears
Keep reminding me, in my life
That it’s September again

So now it’s Spring again,
And you are changing things once more, the
Gate’s open
So I’m gonna stop knocking on bolted doors
My Father
You who’s saved me all my life
This time it’s your will over mine